Our trucking service is based on the principle of providing our clients with the flexibility and reliability, to move legal load across town, or across the country, whenever they want. Road freight forwarding services that we provide to the customers are considered the best for being the fastest and the most reliable. Our road freight forwarding services are managed by expert professionals at the unit who have profound experience in the domain. For our road freight forwarding services, we have links with the agents as well as the officials for fast clearance of the goods. Under our road freight forwarding services, we cover door-to-door pick or delivery of the goods and 24x7 customer service. Vehicles are tracked using the latest GPS technology; in-cab communication systems with drivers which allows us real-time tracking and monitoring of the vehicles deployed for the assignment. Also, tracking the exact location of the vehicle, its speed, and route helps us in giving our client a clear picture of the scenario.

We ensure that our fleet of trucks are always well maintained, and have the best and the most updated fleet of trucks in service to ensure that it is capable of delivering high value, and oversized deliverables, efficiently and effectively, without causing any kind of loss, which is generally the case seen with many outsourced trucking service providers. Our in-house team of experienced drivers, logistic experts, repair and maintenance technicians are on guard 24 by 7 to ensure that the trucks are ready on time, and in optimum condition to handle your deliveries.